In-depth Hips Workshops


May 2nd . May 9th . May 16th . May 23rd 2020

Dive deep into the movement and alignment of your hips!

In this four-week hips course, you will get to understand the shapes, forms and range of motion of your hips. Through a 90 minutes workshop practice, each week we will explore different movements. You will look into your own body and other bodies to get a better understanding. For the last 30 minutes you will get to ask questions regarding the practice, and as a group we will dive deeper into the understanding of the complex structure of the hips.
May 2nd 
Anterior, Neutral and Posterior Form of the Hips

May 9th
External Rotation of the Hips

May 16th 
Frontal Plane of the Hips

May 23rd
Hips Adductors


11am - 1pm (AEST)

In the comfort of your home

$33 (incl.GST) per workshop

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