"Always be a student with a beginner's mind."

If you are curious to learn what I have to offer, I encourage you to come and practice with me at one of my classes before enrolling to my mentorship program. My teaching evolved over the years with different influences from various teachers and Yoga styles. With trial and error, I came to conclusion that what makes a difference to my body is an alignment-based practice. In spite of strict alignments in this practice, each body is allowed to move to its own shape to blossom with its fullest potential.

The eight weeks Yoga mentorship program allows me to introduce you how I construct a class through a series of elements to provide a safe and personal practice to your students.


You will learn:

- how to build sequences

- how to use general cues and personalise cues to individuals in a group class

- how and what to see in each body

- how and where to touch bodies 

- how to teach and provide hands-on adjustments simultaneously

Each week, we have three hours together. One hour yoga practice with me and followed by two hours of workshops and teaching labs. 


July 13th . July 20th . July 27th . Aug 3rd .  Aug 10th . Aug 17th . Aug 24th . Aug 31st 2019.


12:30pm to 3:30pm.




Each week $85 for early bird booking by June 15th, 2019.

Normal price $100.

Whole program $650 early bird booking by June 15th, 2019.

Normal price $750.

  • Body

    Balance the spinal curves.

  • Spine

    Range of movements: flexion, extension, lateral flexion.

  • Hips & Legs

    Neutral pelvis and femur descending.

  • Hips

    External rotation.

  • Arms

    Arms overhead.

  • Arms

    Arms behind.

  • Twisting

    Relationship of hips and spine.

  • All rounder

    Every range of movements in the body.

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