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"Always be a student with a beginner's mind."

If you are curious to learn what I have to offer, I encourage you to come and practice with me in one of my classes, before enrolling to my mentorship program. My teaching method evolved over the years, influenced by various teachers and styles. With trial and error, I came to conclusion that what makes a difference to my body is an alignment-based practice. In spite of strict alignments in this practice, each body is allowed to move according to its own shape, to blossom to the fullest potential.

In this one-on-one mentorship program I will guide you through your Yoga, Pilates or Barre teaching. I have been teaching full time for 9 years, starting in Hong Kong, then in Singapore with a two years yoga teaching contract. In 2014, I moved to Sydney and now I am based in Brisbane. 

In this four weeks mentorship program you will learn how to develop  your own classes to provide a safe and personal practice for your students.


I will teach you :

- how to build sequences

- how to use general cues and personalise cues to individuals in a group class

- how and what to see in each body

- how and where to adjust bodies 

- how to teach and provide hands-on adjustments simultaneously

- how to do what you love and make a living out of it 

Each week, we will have 1.5 hours class together. Before we start our first session, I will need to attend one of your public classes.

First week - Develop your own voice and style 

Second week - Align and adjust

Third week - Sequencing and adjusting

Forth week -Practice lab and fitness business 


My home studio in Yeronga



Follow up mentoring: 

$115 for 1.5 hours

Please email me at for further enquiries and bookings.

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