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My home studio in Yeronga is now open. Please drop me an email at for one-to-one bookings or enquiries.

- Private Yoga / Pilates 

- Thai Yoga Massage

- Sound Healing Therapy

Fitness Class Rates:

  One person:$90/ 60 minutes    

One person: $110/75 minutes    

Thai Yoga Massage Rates:

$90/ 60 minutes

$110/ 75 minutes

Sound Healing Therapy Rates:

$55/30 minutes

$80/45 minutes

$110/60 minutes

Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed, without use of oil. Originated from Northern Thailand, this form of bodywork is practiced on the floor on a thin mattress. Its an ancient healing art that combines acupressure and assisted stretching. 

Sound Healing Therapy integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, art, musicality and alchemy of healing to facilitate the receiver's process of healing themselves. During a sound healing session, our brainwave frequency can reach the alpha-theta border - the frequency of Earth's vibration - that optimises visualisation, mind programming and healing while the body is in deep relaxation. In each session, I use a whole range of sacred instruments (Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Medicine Drums to just name a few) and my voice to balance the chakras, improve physical and mental health and wellbeing by bringing your body to a state of relaxation and harmony.


I also offer group sound healing sessions. Please drop me an email at for group bookings or enquiries.

Sound Healing Therapy Rates:

$150 + GST/ 30 minutes

$225 + GST/ 45 minutes

$300 + GST/ 60 minutes


Sound Healing supports mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sound frequencies produced by various instruments stimulate beneficial brainwave frequencies. That allows receiver to relax deeply, achieving the altered state of consciousness which triggers the body's natural healing response.


For each sound bath June carefully selects the best instruments she needs to orchestrate the session to cater to particular group or individual.

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